Theaterhaus Gessnerallee


Residency in P3

The Theaterhaus Gessnerallee offers dance, theatre and performance artists the possibility to work on new or already existing projects within one of our mini residencies. At the end of the residency the work is presented to an interested public audience in a one-time work-in-progress showing followed by a discussion.

For further Information please call: 044 225 81 -13 oder -16

Residencies Season 09/10: Jacky Brusche, 400 asa, Malika Khatir / Fiamma Camesi, Markus Gerber, Eva Maria Küpfer

Residencies Season 10/11: Beatrice Fleischlin / Anja Meser, Trixa Arnold / Ilja Komarov, Kaspar Weiss, Simone Blaser / Bruno Catalano, Anna Papst, Lucas Keist / Filippo Armati